ESDA is determined to maintain its reputation as a provider of the highest quality in the following areas.

• Risk Management
• Security guards
• Crowd Control
• Sporting Events
• Corporate events
• Private security

To ensure this we are committed to continuous improvement in the selection of our staff.

All staff at ESDA are subjected to the following probity checks prior to commencing employment.

1. Ability to effectively communicate
2. Ability to demonstrate written skills
3. Ability to work with others, as a team member.
4. State and Commonwealth Police Criminal Record checks.
5. Confirmation that they have a complete understanding of all relevant legislation. All employees and agents have read and fully understood the Private Act 2004. Employees and agent’s acts within the law.
6. ESDA Standard Operating Procedures and Code of Conduct is understood and adhered to.
7. Appropriate licensed and trained.
8. Committed to ongoing training courses.
9. Understand and Signed Confidentiality Undertaking Policy, Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Policy and OH&S Policy.