ESDA was established in 1974. The company has been operating as a Mercantile agency (Corporate license number 08/0803), and inquiry agency for many years.

ESDA has over 25 years combined Law Enforcement and security experience.
The selection of staff is of the utmost importance for ESDA.

We are committed to providing our customers with courteous, timely and efficient service that will exceed customer expectations and equal the best in business.

In order to continuously improve its services, ESDA will encourage and use ongoing customer feedback to help establish its customer service standards and performance measures, and share the results with its customers.

"Customer Service is the commitment to providing value added services to external and internal customers, including attitude, knowledge, technical support and quality of service in a timely manner"

Continuous Improvement is a proven method for analysing, measuring, standardising and improving policy, processes and practices used to manage and run the ESDA processes.

ESDA management is responsible for promoting and co-coordinating the implementation of quality and safety values and continuous improvement initiatives.